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TANATA is devoted to discussing the paradoxes and the mysteries of life, among which is the paradox of the coexistence of good and evil. “God is love,” John tells us. Evil exists, we would suggest, not because God is detached or unconcerned, but because free will exists which is required for true, unforced love to exist. Still, it is painfully hard to reconcile this paradox. We believe that all evil one day will be judged and destroyed, until then we must pray.

DANIEL 7:13-14

13 “I was watching in the night visions, and behold, One like the Son of Man, coming with the clouds of heaven! He came to the Ancient of Days, and they brought Him near before Him.

14 Then to Him was given dominion and glory and a kingdom, that all peoples, nations, and languages should serve Him. His dominion is an everlasting dominion, which shall not pass away, and His kingdom the one which shall not be destroyed.


7 Behold, He is coming with clouds, and every eye will see Him, even they who pierced Him. And all the tribes of the earth will mourn because of Him. Even so, Amen.

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The Genographic Project ...


Spencer Wells Ph.D. may be the best friend humanity has got right now, if the Vatican continues to make statements that extraterrestrials are “our brothers.” By that we mean the firm “out of Africa” model of human migration suggests that “the cradle of civilization” was not ancient Sumer, as people like Zecharia Sitchin have claimed, but east Africa. That fact becomes essential to understanding the origins of mankind and whether any stock should be placed in panspermia theories (“the DNA seeding of earth by extraterrestrial forces”), which, according to Sitchin and others, lay the groundwork for an “out of Sumer or out of Babylonia” model. Eden, theoretical or not, can only have been in east Africa, if the results of the Genographic Project which maps the first human migration is to be believed. 

From Wells’ blog:

Scientist, author, and documentary filmmaker, Spencer Wells has dedicated much of his career to studying humankind’s family tree and closing the gaps in our knowledge of human migration. Wells is project director of the groundbreaking multi-year Genographic Project, which uses DNA samples to trace human migration out of Africa over 60,000 years ago. For Wells, the assignment is a dream come true, marrying his two passions of biology and history.

Wells’s own journey of discovery began at the University of Texas, where he enrolled at 16, majored in biology, and graduated Phi Beta Kappa three years later. He then pursued his Ph.D. at Harvard University.

Beginning in 1994, he conducted postdoctoral training at Stanford University’s School of Medicine with Luca Cavalli-Sforza, considered the “father of anthropological genetics.” It was there that Wells became committed to studying genomic diversity in indigenous populations and unraveling age-old mysteries about early human migration.

Join Wells on an epic journey that spans the globe, tracing the migration routes of our ancient ancestors and revealing the incredible tapestry of human diversity created along the way. Wells, a gifted young pioneer and National Geographic Explorer-in-Residence, will share his latest discoveries and outline plans for the ambitious 5-year Genographic Project.

THIS LINK will take you to Dr. Wells’ personal blog which is made available by the National Geographic Society (which reportedly paid upwards of $1 million for the Gospel of Judas, when it is simply more of the bogus Gnostic claptrap which would lead us — if we’re stupid enough to believe any of it — into the waiting spacecraft, arms and probably mouths of these “creator gods.” — Sorry, we get carried away.)

Don’t take our word for any of this stuff, research Wells’ findings for yourself. You might wish to write to Dr. Wells and thank him for doing the work which could save the human race. Is that over the top? It might have been before the Vatican’s demonologist went on Italian TV to tell us that extraterrestrials exist and that they’re cut from the same cloth as us, when they are fallen angels which have bred themselves with humans and animals.

In conclusion …

The Anunnaki, the Elohim or whatever they’re calling themselves these days — “creator-gods” — did not create mankind, as Wells’ DNA research clearly shows. All races of all people originated from one man OUT OF AFRICA.

The “cradle of civilization” is not in ancient Sumeria or Babylonia (which lie buried beneath mountains of sand) as these false “gods” or “brothers” would have us or the Vatican believe, but rather in Ethiopia or Kenya. When have you ever met a Sumerian or a Babylonian? You haven’t, because they no longer exist, having been wiped out by the grace of the Lord.

The Babylonian or eastern Mesopotamian pantheon, which is apparently identified by clay tablets and pictogram etchings which show these “gods” atop their “magnificent flying machines, will very likely return to try to rule over us, as was the case where the alleged “first cities” sprang up. The Hebrews, comprised of the first humans, did not originate in Babylonia, or Ur or Chaldea (wherever that may be), but rather OUT OF AFRICA. Failing to realize this, having an unwillingness to cling to this truth only plays into the hands (or nasty little fingers) of those who wish to deceive us by making us believe that they made us in a place which no longer exists. There is evidence of these Mesopotamian “gods” across the face of the planet in very ancient, primitive places such as Stonehenge and Chaco Canyon in the American Southwest, as well as the Aztec and Incan villages in Peru and elsewhere in South America … but this evidence has nothing to do with mankind’s creation. The Genographic Project directed by Dr. Wells readily shows this.

And, so, our alien “brothers” would appear to have fooled not only the Vatican but many of our national and international leaders as well, not to mention those who would foolishly publish The Solomon Key and any other pro-Masonic hogwash that promotes “secrets and mysteries” which are patently false and offer evidences of nothing more than deception. (We thought the Pope looked an awful lot like the Emperor in Star Wars, ya know?)

It feels weird writing all of this stuff … but take it up with the Pope, who these days remains embroiled in controversy for all of this, as well as appointing anti-Semites to positions of authority and other stupid things.

Question: “What are Y-Chromosomal Adam and Mitochondrial Eve?”

Answer: “Y-Chromosomal Adam” and “Mitochondrial Eve” are the scientifically-proven theories that every man alive today is descended from a single man and every man and woman alive today is descended from a single woman.

Humans have 23 pairs of chromosomes. One of those pairs, known as the sex chromosomes (because they determine gender), consists of two X chromosomes in females, and one X-chromosome, one Y-chromosome in males. Girls receive one of their X-chromosomes from their mother and the other from their father. Boys receive the X only from their mother and the Y only from their father. Therefore, the Y-chromosome is passed directly from father to son. Because of this, scientists are able to trace male ancestry.

In 1995, the journal Science published the results of a study in which a segment of the human Y-chromosome from 38 men from different ethnic groups were analyzed for variation (Dorit, R.L., Akashi, H. and Gilbert, W. 1995. “Absence of polymorphism at the ZFY locus on the human Y chromosome.” Science 268:1183–1185). The segment of the Y-chromosome consisted of 729 base pairs. To their surprise, the researchers found no variation at all. Their conclusion was that the human race must have experienced a genetic bottleneck sometime in the not too distant past. Further research was done and it was determined that every man alive today actually descended from a single man who scientists now refer to as “Y-Chromosomal Adam.”

Mitochondrial Eve takes it a step further. While Y-chromosomes are only passed down from father to son, mitochondrial-DNA is passed down from mother to both daughter and son. Because mitochondrial-DNA is only passed on by the mother and never the father, mitochondrial-DNA lineage is the same as maternal lineage. Knowing this, scientists have found that every human alive today can trace their ancestry back to a single woman who they now refer to as “Mitochondrial Eve.” While Y-Chromosomal Adam is believed to be the ancestor of every living man, Mitochondrial Eve is believed to be the mother of all living humans, male and female.

It is important to note that this does not prove that Y-Chromosomal Adam was the only man alive before he started having children. This only proves that his descendents are the only ones to have survived. Likewise, Mitochondrial Eve was not necessarily the only woman alive before having children. Rather, all we know for sure is that she is at least one of the ancestors of all living humans. While other contemporaries of her may or may not figure into the ancestry of living humans, we can at least say that none of their mitochondrial-DNA has survived.

Scientists who share the Darwinian bias naturally presume that these two were not the only humans alive during their pre-child bearing lifetimes, while Biblical creationists naturally presume that they were. As for determining when these two actually lived respectively, the conventional perspective is founded upon uniformitarian assumptions which many creationists reject, and with fair reason. So there is disagreement there too. Naturally, the Darwinian timeframe is much longer (tens to hundreds of thousands of years), presuming an Old-Earth scenario, while the Young-Earth perspective is much shorter (less than ten thousand years). What we can say with fair certainty is that regardless of time frames and alleged contemporaries, every man alive today descended from one man while every human alive today descended from one woman.

“Adam named his wife Eve, because she would become the mother of all the living” (Genesis 3:20 NIV).